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3 Ways To Recycle Essential Oil Bottles
Aug 29, 2018


1. Sharing

Empty essential oil bottles provide a handy way to share a sample with a friend.  Remove the plastic orifice, add the sample oil, replace the orifice and cap, and you’re good to go!  The smaller 5 ml bottles work well for this.

2. Mini-sprays


Empty 15 ml bottles are perfect for mini-sprays!  Mini-sprays are ideal for stashing in a purse, giving a sample of a favorite spray, make-n-takes at an essential oils class, or even to use around your home.

3. Mini-vases

1533715175(1).pngThis great idea came from our Penghuang team, Empty 15 ml bottles are just the right size for tiny bouquets picked by pint size homesteaders.  Plus, they’re adorable!

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