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Oct 25, 2018


Hot stamping is the technique of applying a variety of metallic and or holographic accents to a container or closure through the use of heat, pressure and dyes. The dye is embossed with the image to be transferred to the surface of the container. The embossed dye is then heated, pressing the foil onto container. The effect can be either debossed (creating an image that is pressed into the surface) or, occasionally, deboss (creating a raised image). This method can also be used to roll a 360-degree foil stripe around a container or closure, or to apply graphics and logos with a straight foil stamp.

Advantages of hot stamping:

  • Works on both glass and plastic substrates

  • Does not require post-curing or treatment

  • Can be applied in gold, silver, copper or any “metalized” color

  • Offers precise design placement

  • Highly adaptable to unique or elaborate patterns

  • Low minimum runs

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