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Luxury Packaging Improves Perceived Product Value
Jul 20, 2018

A new study reveals a 45% increase in perceived product value when better quality packaging is used


E-commerce companies that use better quality packaging are at an advantage, reveals a new report by University of Wisconsin and packaging company Pregis.

In a study of 60 participants, the perceived retail value of a product delivered in premium packaging was 45% higher than the same item inside economy packaging.

Moreover, the product scored higher across all criteria including unboxing emotions, packaging perception and likelihood to give as a gift.

Page Moreau, Professor of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin, said: “There is strong evidence that the unboxing experience impacts customers’ emotions and their perceptions of product value.


“When a retailer gets the unboxing experience right, they demonstrate that the products is valuable and worth protecting.

“Consumers recognise that signal, and it influences their perception of quality.”

Moreau added: “As e-commerce continues to be the growth engine for retail, retailers and brands must understand their new showplace is the parcel packaging.”

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