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Southeast Asia Shows A Multitude Of Growth In Personal Care Markets
Jul 31, 2018

Southeast Asia’s personal care product markets are growing. However, diversity in trends is still significant, as Michael Tatarski, Ng Ek Heng, Telly Nathalia, Jens Kastner and Poorna Rodrigo report


Southeast Asia’s countries are as culturally diverse as those in Europe, and far more contrasting in economic development, so it is no surprise that their personal care product markets differ in their tastes and priorities.

Fortunately, with the region’s largely emerging market economies still on a robust growth trajectory and its more developed economies solidifying their wealth, the usual personal care product sales trend is one of expansion, albeit unevenly and sometimes with set-backs.

Many consumers are more acutely aware of their own flaws due to the constant presence of social media in their day-to-day lives

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